The Richest Athletes in the World

The sports industry, particularly in North America, is one of the highest-paying professions a person can have. Actors, directors, musicians, dancers, singers, and athletes are all paid millions of dollars every year to share their talents with the world and keep people entertained. Professional athletes are especially well paid for their hard work and acumen. Talented athletes who are able to stay healthy and have long careers coupled with savvy investing can lead to some truly mega-rich sports stars. Here is a list of the ten richest athletes of all time, spanning all kinds of different sports.

Floyd Mayweather, Net Worth: $650 Million


In 2015, Floyd Mayweather, Jr., continuing his father’s legacy, was officially named the highest-paid athlete of the year by Forbes magazine. The inestimable Mayweather has earned his golden gloves; he has yet to lose a fight in his entire career. For that level of skill, Mayweather earns $100 million per fight. Yes, you read that correctly. In addition to his $300 million in fight earnings in 2015, Mayweather also earned $15 million in endorsements. He’s come quite a long way from his very humble beginnings and his star continues to rise.